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200w  Under Tile Heating Mat

200w Under Tile Heating Mat


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Thermonet 200w per m2  In Screed or Under Tile Heating Mat (Mat only) 

The 200w kits are ideal for in screed use, for installation directly under natural stone, for high heat loss areas or where you require faster warm up times.

You will need to order a thermostat separately to operate this product.
These can also be used to extend the heated area by adding to an under tile heating kit

Lifetime Warranty - Mat

Suitable for for installation in screeds of 20-50mm

Perfect for high heat loss applications

Made in UK
Low profile - 3.5mm thick matting system with self adhesive mesh backing to speed up installation
Unique stress free TwistedTwin heating cable
IP68 Protection rating - Safe to use in wet locations
Lay flat low profile cold tail 5m long


Kit size 1m²
2.0m x .5m
Output - 200w


Kit size 1.5m²
3.0m x .5m
Output - 300w


Kit size 2m ²
4.0m x .5m
Output - 400w


Kit size 2.5m²
5.0m x .5m
Output - 500w


Kit size 3.0m ²
6.0m x .5m
Output - 600w


Kit size 3.5m²
7.0m x .5m
Output - 700w

Kit size 4m²
80m x .5m
Output - 800w

Kit size 4.5m²
9.0m x .5m
Output - 900w


Kit size 5.0m²
10.0m x .5m
Output - 1000w


Kit size 6.0m²
12m x .5m
Output - 1200w


Kit size 7.0m²
14m x .5m
Output - 1400w


Kit size 8.0m²
16m x .5m
Output - 1600w


Kit size 9.0m²
18m x .5m
Output - 1800w


Kit size 10m²
20m x .5m
Output - 2000w


Kit size 12m²
24m x .5m
Output - 2400w

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