Things to consider when choosing your tiler

Tips to consider when choosing the tiler that you will be working with on your project.  Important to remember this.  The person that you employ will be working for you to achieve your aims.  It will always be great to get their professional advice but you will be living with and hopefully loving the finished project.

How to even start, a few pointers.

  • There is nothing better than a personal recommendation. Even if none of your friends have a tiler to recommend from first-hand experience, we would always suggest joining Facebook groups local to you, specializing in renovation.  These can be great places to get personal recommendation.
  • Once you have identified a tiler, it can be very useful to see their work portfolio and any reviews or testimonials that they can offer. In some cases they will even give you access to customers that they have worked with previously, to chat to.
  • Be cautious if a tiler can start work immediately. Most good tiles are booked up with work.  A few weeks wait is often a good sign.
  • How many tiles will you actually need? We would always suggest letting your tiler measure and include the correct tolerance that they like to work to.  You do not want to be left with loads of unused tiles which you may not be able to return.
  • If you have a few spares left at the end of a job this can actually be a good thing. Store them safely out of the way.  If there is ever a small incident requiring a repair or a change of appliance, you have perfectly matching tiles and do not have to do a massive search to match up.
  • If your project includes natural stone, Carrara Marble for example, then ensure that your tiler has worked with natural stone – marble before. It’s always good to be sure that your tiler is experienced with the specific tiles that you will be using.
  • If you are using tiles that require sealing, discuss this with your tiler. Agree on the type of sealant that they will use.  Be clear with your tiler that you expect them to leave you with a totally finished job, ready for use and fit for purpose!  We have heard of cases where people are left to clean off the grout residue and finish the sealing process themselves.  Please read our fixing guides for detailed advice.
  • Discuss layout with your tiler. Particularly with larger tiles there are a few things to consider.  If you have a taps behind a bath or basin, will they sit in the middle of a tile and look balanced/symmetrical?  The same with your shower fittings.  If you are looking at floor tiles, where will they sit across the doorway for example.  Will a toilet be centred?  These are the kind of small details that will lift a project.  There is almost always some compromise but it needs to be your decision where the compromise comes.  There is nothing worse than staring at off centre taps every time you relax in your luxurious bath for the next 10 years!
  • Finally, once your tiler is booked. Get your tiles on site, ready to fix before the date the fixing is to start.  Plenty of stock 6 months before you start is no guarantee at the time.  Give yourself plenty of leeway.  Having ordered samples, deliberated and finally made your decision, do not be forced to compromise at the last minute.